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Maggie Lynch interviews a variety of authors of both fiction and nonfiction. Rather than focus on a particular book or selling their latest release, she celebrates the author as a career writer.

Why this career? What motivates them? Are there common themes in their work? Do they write series or stand-alone books? Where are they in their career and where do they want to be in the next three to five years?

We do talk about their books and sometimes feature a couple of them. But it is not a podcast designed to push a particular book. Instead it introduces you to an author with the hope you will love their approach and then try one or more of their books if they interest you. Please join us.

Creatives are always interesting, often lots of fun, and I learn something every time. Want a reminder when new podcast episodes are available? Click the button to sign up to our email list. We send out a newsletter approximately once per month, highlighting current and upcoming authors.

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Season 2: Episode 3

Recent Podcasts

E. J. Russell

E. J. Russell

A mother of three and a recovering actor who writes romance in a rainbow of flavors. You can count on high snark, low angst and happy endings. Reality? Eh, not so much.

Alma Alexander

Alma Alexander

A writer by profession, a scientist by education, a duchess by historical accident. Alma Alexander is an internationally acclaimed author in fantasy with nearly 40 titles published to date.

Laurence O'Bryan

Laurence O'Bryan

Award-winning author Laurence O’Bryan lives in Dublin, Ireland. In addition to having written 12 books to date, he is also an entrepreneur and owner of BooksGoSocial.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in being interviewed on Dust Jackets. Please send me a message. Tell me a bit about yourself, the books you write, genres, themes, inspirations. If you have all of this on a website, just provide me a link to your website.

I am currently already booked 3 months out, so do not expect to be scheduled for a specific book release that is more immediate. These interviews are designed to show authors as career writers. Though we do talk about a couple of books as examples of themes and inspiration, the focus is on the authors entire career.