Interview with Joan Ramirez

Season 1: Episode 2


We connected from our homes to do this virtual interview. She was in her office / guest room and I was in my office / cat room. If you see a cat wandering through in the background, that is normal. For those who have difficulty hearing the video or audio podcast, you can download a transcript below.

About This Podcast

Interview with Joan Ramirez, also known as J. L. Regen. Joan lives in New Jersey in the New York metropolitan area. She has 25 years of global corporate communications, teaching, journalism and publishing experience. Her educational background includes an MS in journalism, with an emphasis on financial, technical engineering, business, and medical writing. She also has an MS in English as a second language, and an MS in elementary and special education.

Her nonfiction books for children have been a primary focus of her early career. Her book on autism, Jamie is Autistic, has been critical in introducing children and youth to the different ways in w hich children learn. That’s available in Chinese, Spanish, and English.  She also has two leadership books for students: Go for It Leadership Handbook, and Let It Go Let It Flow Leadership.

And for adults, Joan has recently published The Write Rules, a writing handbook for ESL adults looking to improve their writing, presentation and communication skills. This book has also established the foundations of a new consulting and teaching business for Joan, helping adults where English is not their first language prepare written material to enhance their small business communication efforts.

In fiction, Joan has written short stories that have appeared in online mystery and suspense publications. Her first novel, Secret Desires is now available. It is an adult coming-of-age story that looks at two people who have suffered loss and are struggling to find a way to start over. 

The two books discussed in this podcast were The Write Rules and Secret Desires.  Learn more about Joan and her books at her website.   

cover for The Write Rules by Joan Ramirez

cover for Secret Desires by J. L. Regen